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The Journey

Waleska Agosto is the founder of Gourmet Body Treats. An all natural beauty and personal care line for anyone that is big on beautifying their skin without harsh synthetic chemicals.

Finding the right products that helped her skin was always a constant struggle, especially in the United States. In highschool, Waleska lived in Germany because her father was in the army. Her skin become accustomed to the environment and beauty products that Europe had to offer, specifically the all natural products. Waleska informed us that the EU heavily regulates chemicals and synthetic fillers that can be used in personal care products. Unfortunately, the United States doesn’t follow the same strict guidelines and many of the ingredients banned in the EU are allowed in the US.

After her stay in Germany, Waleska moved to Texas and noticed that her skin became very irritated. She was diagnosed with rosacea and tried using prescription medication to help cure her skin. Not only did the medication not work, but she found there were some ingredients in them that caused birth defects.

Needing an answer to her rosacea, she turned to her grandmother for homemade remedies. Her grandmother was extremely knowledgeable about the positive effects of certain herbs and plants for your body. With the knowledge she gained from her family tree and her determination to come up with an all natural solution for her skin, Waleska started to make her own soap from oatmeal.

Not only did her skin get better, but she started making soaps for her friends and family that had similar problems. Slowly she became the all natural doctor of her inner circle. Many would approach her with various skin problems that doctors couldn’t cure, to pinpoint what all natural remedy they should use.

Waleska now had several all natural beauty products from soaps to mascara. The company was founded in 2002 (over 10 years ago!) and has been growing every year. Although her sales are up and several distributors are knocking at her door, Waleska wants to make sure quality comes first. She is slowly accepting wholesale accounts and will only work with like minded companies that share the same vision for delivering environmentally conscious products.

The Process

Waleska and her team selects local and international farms to source ingredients for her products. Recently she visited local farms in Puerto Rico to talk to farmers about sourcing coffee grinds for her coffee line. It’s important for her to see how the coffee is roasted and the process of how they are grown.


Gourmet Body Treats

Coffee Before it's Roasted

The preservation of GBT products are important, especially because they are all-natural and doesn’t contain any synthetic preservatives. To give her products the longest shelf life, Waleska doesn’t use water. Instead she uses dry ingredients, although there still is an expiration date. She advises that you shouldn’t use all natural products that are older than 6 months old because there aren’t synthetic preservatives loaded in them. Basically the shorter it takes to expire, the better it is for your body!

Many products are based on the season and if ingredients are available. Although on the surface this may seem like a nuance to not get your favorite product when you want it, it’s also a testament to how natural Gourmet Body Treat products are. For example Waleska won’t use man made fragrances to mimic lavender if lavendar isn’t available. Seasonal products that expire are actually the most natural beauty products are your best bets if you want to rid chemicals from your beauty regimen!

Thanks Waleska for creating such an amazing eco and chemical free product line. Our skins thank you.
The Products 

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