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Ecopique - PatriciaHello! I’m a regular ole gal that loves living in LA. I’m a hot yoga addict and lover of exploring new fitness studios to check out (thanks groupon!). Although I love geeking out at the gym, my true passion lies in the exploration of organic products. I truly believe that knowledge is power and we need to arm ourselves wisely, especially when it comes to our health. Throughout the last 6 months, I’ve been slowly digging into the ingredients of my favorite beauty and home products. For so long most of the ingredients looked like a mystic foreign language combined with double agent spy code, so I would disregard the labels and just used what worked. One day I had a spurt of curiosity and decided to google one of the ingredients. Some may say ignorance is bliss, but I’m extremely happy I took the plunge. It was appalling to read about the types of toxins I was lathering all over my face. The word “terrible” doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt the more I kept researching the chemicals in my favorite lotions, shampoos and eye shadows. Yuck! That brings me here to you. I wanted to not only amplify my knowledge of “oo no” and “oo yes” organic products, but I wanted to challenge myself and encourage my friends to do the same! Here’s to the #Organic30Day challenge. Hope to see you on the same journey! Cheers to living simply, healthy and organic filled lives.

Organic? What does that really mean?

Ecopique Challenger Quyen

A little bit about me. I’m Quyen (pronounced “Quinn”). I’m actually not really an organics girl. Don’t get me wrong – I love nature, I love animals (even recently ventured to horseback riding), and I love being socially conscious. I’m green – you know, recycling, public transportation, and that whole bit.

Organics though, fall into this zen trendy and to some extent seemingly hipster category that I don’t just see myself in. Along the lines of yoga and spin… but I’m willing to give this a try. I know that being open to new areas in your life oftentimes brings you to new understandings that you couldn’t otherwise have imagined.

Who doesn’t like a little adventure anyway?