Primal Pit Paste: Journey of a Home Made Need


I had the opportunity to interview Lisa Kimball, the Marketing Director for Primal Pit Paste. She graciously not only shared with me her own story but that of Amy, the owner and creator of the original product. Here we go.

The Inspiration: A Home Made Need

Amy was a stay at home mom of 4 children. She had begun to create deodorant for her daughter who had body odor issues. She didn’t want to put chemicals on her daughter’s body and no other product they tried worked. Amy then found a do-it-yourself recipe and began to share it with friends from CrossFit and local farmer’s markets.

The Journey: A Building of Community

Soon thereafter, her pastor had a contact that led to her appearing on television promoting her new product. A website was quickly built and the notion of moms making their own way created even further networking opportunities through holistic blogs and vertical markets of like-minded people that cared about all natural products.

They would find that many people could not find a product that worked. They had the same concerns as Amy – they didn’t want their children to have chemicals on their bodies. Each inherently understood that chemicals do something to us – something that we don’t want to happen to us.

The goal since inception has been to educate. A main learning I gained from my conversation with Amy confirmed an insight I felt from trying previous natural beauty products – there is an acclimation period. This cannot be understated: there is an acclimation period. The switch from non-organic to organic or natural takes time. It takes time for your body to purge itself of the toxins from the previous products, and become accustomed to this better way of treating oneself.

In essence, just because a natural or organic product doesn’t work right away, doesn’t mean that it does not work at all. I very much appreciated learning as well that Primal Pit Paste journeys very closely with its customers. If someone buys a product that doesn’t work, they give them another version to try. They work with them and educate them throughout the process. I have had this experience myself – read the product review here.

The Family: Fun, Funk and Sass

Lisa came on board last April focusing on Sales and Operations, and is currently the acting COO.  The atmosphere is one of a fun family environment – in fact, most of the employees are family members. Amy and Lisa were friends through CrossFit, both raising 4 children. Lisa sees this venture as a great entrepreneurship, especially to see Amy find her niche and thrive.

Where did the name come from? Primal Pit Paste sparks interest in a way that “all natural deodorant” just cannot. There’s humor. There’s a personality. There’s life. As a brand, it is fun, funky, different, sassy, hipster, cool – a clear reflection of the team that I met at their Green Festival booth in San Francisco. I found them to be extremely warm and personable, taking the time to explain this world in a way that was very easy to understand. In a sense, they are as real as the products they are promoting.

As Primal Pit Paste continues to grow, maintaining integrity stays as top of mind. They do not want to scale too quickly and therefore jeopardize the ingredients for the sake of growth. The key here will be find the sweet spot of filling product faster while maintaining its overall handcrafted nature. We’re looking forward to seeing them continue their success – go Primal Pit Paste!