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Maker: Fred


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The Maker

Fred has always been a creative soul. He’s a big music enthusiast and thought outside of the box in mostly everything that came past him in life. The creativity of his right brain, also was balanced with the practicality of his left. He earned a B.A in political science and was always interested in exploring new business opportunities that inherently also helped people.

The Journey

Fred was shopping for soap that could extend to his mid-back. He found that it was difficult to reach this sweet spot on his back, so naturally thought his local store would have product that could help him do this. To his surprise, he could not find an all-natural bar of soap that came with an extender.

Not only did he want to come up with a solution for himself, but he realized that many people have the same problems finding an effective all-natural soap AND finding a soap/moisturizer that reached their backs.

Following his curious spirit, Fred jumped in headfirst and attended soap making classes in Los Angeles. Soon after he started pulling together different natural ingredients and fusing them to help solve specific skin problems. Coming up with the ultimate soap that had effective all-natural moisturizing power was his number one goal.The list of soaps he’s invented is impressive and extensive. His most popular being the all natural Vitamin E/Tea Tree Oil Soap.

Fred’s goal is to continue exploring the wonderful world of soaps and coming up with new ways to fight off common skin problems. New all-natural loofah and liquid soap products are on the horizon, so keep an eye out for them!

The Products

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Tree Tree Oil Soap - Back Bum Soap

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