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[Quyen] Day 30: We’ve ended, and so we’ve just begun.

  Our 30 Day Organic Challenge has come to an end. Do I feel I have a better handle on what organic

[Quyen] Day 29: Finding Local Organic Beauty Products

Patty and I started to wonder if there were local organic makers by city. What we’ve seemed to find so far is

[Quyen] Day 28: One of My Fave Products, is Organic Too?!

I’m not sure how I missed this before – one of my favorite beauty products that I’ve been using for almost a

[Quyen] Day 27: The A, BB, and CC’s of Creams

As the 30 Day Challenge has been winding down I still find myself making insightful discoveries. Patty introduced me to BB cream

[Quyen] Day 26: Bringing Back the Beginning

I suppose part of my English minor is resurfacing. I found myself curious today as to the origins behind these words that

[Quyen] Day 25: Organic Product Showcases

I was wondering if there are conferences/trade shows featuring organic products and so did a search a la trusty Google. Here’s what

[Quyen] Day 24: Wax On, Wax Off, a la Coconut

I recently came across coconut wax candles from Stone Candles based out of Santa Monica, CA. My first thought was, “Can I

[Quyen] Day 23: Inspiration for the Home Stretch

This is the last week of the Ecopique 30 Day Organic Challenge! Inspiration is always something that encourages me to not only

[Quyen] Day 22: Presents of Nature Organic Products

This post goes as a little shout out to Andrea Hall, whom I had the honor of interviewing recently about her perspective

[Quyen] Day 21: Top Organic Beauty Products

They say it’s not easy being green. Much less organic! It seems some products are making the cut though. Let’s see what

[Quyen] Day 20: Discovering Natural Beauty Remedies

In the midst of the “organic vs. natural” terminology battle I found myself just wanting to know what the best truly natural

[Quyen] Day 19: Calling All Organic Travel Size Products!

As I continue looking for organic beauty products, I find it a hard sell to purchase a completely new regular size item,

[Quyen] Day 17: Interview, Part 1 – Healing the Organic Way

I recently had the opportunity to interview Andrea Hall, a maker of organic products that are specifically developed to aid in healing.

[Quyen] Day 16: Summer is for Sunscreen, Cucumber Style

Soothing natural sunscreen. Not so bad? Yes to Cucumbers has a natural sunscreen touted at SPF 30. $11.99 for 3 ounces. I’ve got the

[Quyen] Day 15: 30 Day Organic Challenge – The Halfway Mark!

We are now halfway through our 30 Day Organic Challenge. It’s been such an unexpected, twisty journey. Going in, I knew nothing

[Quyen] Day 14: Getting Dished by Ecover

“For sparking results” try Ecover: Powered by Nature, says the sample. 2 free automatic dishwasher tablets, here we go. This is phosphate and

[Quyen] Day 13: Clay for Your Mouth? Here’s to Earthpaste

I’m still having a hard time getting over the ingredients to these products. The latest: Earthpaste. They say it’s amazingly natural toothpaste. Apparently

[Quyen] Day 12: Meeting Organic Makers – Small Beginnings, Big Open Hearts

Patty and I had the opportunity this weekend to attend the California Gift Show, a bi-annual convention exhibiting all kinds of manufacturers

[Quyen] Day 11: Organic Lip Balm that Works!

I had historically been using Chapstick branded lip balm for my daily use. Looking up the ingredients list, I find that the

[Quyen] Day 9: Six Non-Organic Ingredients to Avoid

I’ve thus far learned that anything that I can’t pronounce in the ingredient labeling of a product means that the product itself

[Quyen] Day 8: Triple Product Showdown

I was at Target over the weekend and while there browsed through the beauty products section just to see what I would

[Quyen] Day 7: A Case of Mongogos… for Your Lips

Rounding out week 1 of the 30 Day Organic Challenge with my second product review. Here we are with Mongo Kiss: “Lip

[Quyen] Day 6: Meet Karen – An Organic Product Maker Inspired Since Childhood

I had the special opportunity to interview Karen, a maker of organic lotions, face washes, and even remedies for psoriasis. I wanted

[Quyen] Day 5: My first organic product review!

As part of this challenge I am attempting to try replacing my non-organic products as they run out, if they fall within

[Quyen] Day 4: Inventory Beware?

Patty came across a great database yesterday that helps you see just how hazardous the beauty products you’re currently using are. They

[Quyen] Day 3: Organic? Natural? Green? What do they really mean?

These questions are some of the bigger ones that I have around this whole adventure. You see, I’m not an organics girl

[Quyen] Day 2: A Past Challenger’s Tale

Whenever I get into something new, I like to talk to people that are already  involved in the something new in some

[Quyen] Day 1: Organic or Bust

Here we are: Day 1. My friend and I have been talking about how we can more practically make a difference in this