Blogger Box

(an Ecopique service)

Our mission is to make it easier for YOU to get your products reviewed by influential bloggers. We are aiming to save you time marketing your product, so you can spend more time crafting the products you love.

We are fans of subscription boxes, but have found it can be costly sending thousands of samples directly to consumers that may never use them or end up purchasing more. Why not send out a fraction of samples directly to influential bloggers that have the attention of millions of consumers? For this reason, Ecopique has launched blogger box to help you save money, samples and resources marketing.

The concept is simple. Ecopique selects 5 beauty and personal care products to add to each monthly Blogger Box. Boxes are sent directly to influential bloggers that have signed up for the service with the intent to review all products. At the end of the month, Ecopique delivers a report filled with links to your new reviews, estimated web impressions and social mentions from each blogger. Simply ship off a few samples to Ecopique and we’ll handle the rest!

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