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[Quyen] Day 30: We’ve ended, and so we’ve just begun.

  Our 30 Day Organic Challenge has come to an end. Do I feel I have a better handle on what organic

[Quyen] Day 29: Finding Local Organic Beauty Products

Patty and I started to wonder if there were local organic makers by city. What we’ve seemed to find so far is

[Quyen] Day 28: One of My Fave Products, is Organic Too?!

I’m not sure how I missed this before – one of my favorite beauty products that I’ve been using for almost a

[Quyen] Day 27: The A, BB, and CC’s of Creams

As the 30 Day Challenge has been winding down I still find myself making insightful discoveries. Patty introduced me to BB cream

[Quyen] Day 26: Bringing Back the Beginning

I suppose part of my English minor is resurfacing. I found myself curious today as to the origins behind these words that

[Quyen] Day 25: Organic Product Showcases

I was wondering if there are conferences/trade shows featuring organic products and so did a search a la trusty Google. Here’s what

[Quyen] Day 24: Wax On, Wax Off, a la Coconut

I recently came across coconut wax candles from Stone Candles based out of Santa Monica, CA. My first thought was, “Can I

[Quyen] Day 23: Inspiration for the Home Stretch

This is the last week of the Ecopique 30 Day Organic Challenge! Inspiration is always something that encourages me to not only

[Quyen] Day 22: Presents of Nature Organic Products

This post goes as a little shout out to Andrea Hall, whom I had the honor of interviewing recently about her perspective

[Quyen] Day 21: Top Organic Beauty Products

They say it’s not easy being green. Much less organic! It seems some products are making the cut though. Let’s see what

[Quyen] Day 20: Discovering Natural Beauty Remedies

In the midst of the “organic vs. natural” terminology battle I found myself just wanting to know what the best truly natural

[Quyen] Day 19: Calling All Organic Travel Size Products!

As I continue looking for organic beauty products, I find it a hard sell to purchase a completely new regular size item,

[Quyen] Day 18: Interview, Part 2 – Misperceptions and Tips

The second part of the interview with Andrea Hall includes common misperceptions around organic and natural products, as well as tips for

[Quyen] Day 17: Interview, Part 1 – Healing the Organic Way

I recently had the opportunity to interview Andrea Hall, a maker of organic products that are specifically developed to aid in healing.

[Quyen] Day 16: Summer is for Sunscreen, Cucumber Style

Soothing natural sunscreen. Not so bad? Yes to Cucumbers has a natural sunscreen touted at SPF 30. $11.99 for 3 ounces. I’ve got the

[Quyen] Day 15: 30 Day Organic Challenge – The Halfway Mark!

We are now halfway through our 30 Day Organic Challenge. It’s been such an unexpected, twisty journey. Going in, I knew nothing

[Quyen] Day 14: Getting Dished by Ecover

“For sparking results” try Ecover: Powered by Nature, says the sample. 2 free automatic dishwasher tablets, here we go. This is phosphate and

[Quyen] Day 13: Clay for Your Mouth? Here’s to Earthpaste

I’m still having a hard time getting over the ingredients to these products. The latest: Earthpaste. They say it’s amazingly natural toothpaste. Apparently

[Quyen] Day 12: Meeting Organic Makers – Small Beginnings, Big Open Hearts

Patty and I had the opportunity this weekend to attend the California Gift Show, a bi-annual convention exhibiting all kinds of manufacturers

[Quyen] Day 11: Organic Lip Balm that Works!

I had historically been using Chapstick branded lip balm for my daily use. Looking up the ingredients list, I find that the

[Quyen] Day 10: Zinc Oxide – Skin Shield Extraordinaire

My daily sunscreen moisturizer has run out so I stopped by Ulta Beauty to see what they might have to offer in

[Quyen] Day 9: Six Non-Organic Ingredients to Avoid

I’ve thus far learned that anything that I can’t pronounce in the ingredient labeling of a product means that the product itself

[Quyen] Day 8: Triple Product Showdown

I was at Target over the weekend and while there browsed through the beauty products section just to see what I would

[Quyen] Day 7: A Case of Mongogos… for Your Lips

Rounding out week 1 of the 30 Day Organic Challenge with my second product review. Here we are with Mongo Kiss: “Lip

[Quyen] Day 6: Meet Karen – An Organic Product Maker Inspired Since Childhood

I had the special opportunity to interview Karen, a maker of organic lotions, face washes, and even remedies for psoriasis. I wanted

[Quyen] Day 5: My first organic product review!

As part of this challenge I am attempting to try replacing my non-organic products as they run out, if they fall within

[Quyen] Day 4: Inventory Beware?

Patty came across a great database yesterday that helps you see just how hazardous the beauty products you’re currently using are. They

[Quyen] Day 3: Organic? Natural? Green? What do they really mean?

These questions are some of the bigger ones that I have around this whole adventure. You see, I’m not an organics girl

The 30 Day Challenge

Since we were young, we always have been taught that chemicals are bad. Cover your nose when a smog-filled bus passes by.

[Quyen] Day 2: A Past Challenger’s Tale

Whenever I get into something new, I like to talk to people that are already  involved in the something new in some

[Quyen] Day 1: Organic or Bust

Here we are: Day 1. My friend and I have been talking about how we can more practically make a difference in this