HAUT Cosmetics: Vegan, locally-sourced BB Cream that works.

Feb 12, 2014

I remember the good ol’ days when I would wake up in the morning and not worry about blemishes, uneven skin and scars–the days when my skin was naturally silky smooth and I basked in the sun thinking my skin was invincible. Today I find myself using daily BB creams, foundations and powders to cover up all my lovely flaws from the past. It’s such a staple in my daily makeup regimen, but also the hardest item to find the perfect, most effective product that works with my skin–especially a product that doesn’t include nasty ingredients found in cover-up such as PEG, Methylparaben, and Phenoxyethonal.

I’m willing to always give any all-natural foundation or BB cream a shot. Enter – Haut Cosmetics.

Haut Cosmetics LogoI found out about their company on Twitter and reached out to their founder, Joanne. Haut stood out to me because they not only had a wide variety of vegan bio-mineral based products, but they had an intriguing custom consultation service. This is the first product company I’ve seen offer a consultation service, so I decided to give it a whirl. I emailed Joanne with three pictures of myself and information about my skin. Within 1 day, she wrote back to me letting me know which products and tones would best fit my skin and how to use each one. I noted that I’m a correspondent for a TV show, so she sent me an arrangement perfect to create the right TV ready glow. She was kind enough to send me samples of Haut’s BB Cream, HDD Cream, Bio Mineral Foundation and Bio-Cocoa Balm. Overall, these products all worked really well for me, especially when I used them together. I only post reviews about products I absolutely love and can honestly say that I was impressed with every product I tried. I’m going to be writing a few posts so I can dive into each one for you. In this review I’m going to focus on one of my everyday necessities, BB Cream.

Haut BB CreamHaut BB Cream

I’m a huge fan of BB Cream because it typically gives great daily coverage and is relatively lightweight. So needless to say I was excited to try Haut’s version. Initially, the texture took some getting used to. It wasn’t smooth like typical BB creams, but I also have not ever tried an all-natural vegan BB Cream. The application onto my skin took a few applications with my fingers, but once I smoothed out the cream the coverage was pretty amazing. Typically it’s hard for me to find the right color for my skin tone because I’m of Asian decent. Creams are usually too olive or too tan, but Haut’s Raw Agave color hit the spot. Even more impressive was Joanne’s ability to pick out the right color based on only three pictures of my jaw line and neck.

Big plus about this product are the ingredients:

– Vanilla Bean Bioferment that is an optical brightener absorbing UV light and brightening your skin

– Organic Coconut Oil that works as healing agents for your skin. According to Haut’s website, it’s used as an acne treatment and “is the source of two of the most powerful anti-microbial agents found in food substances”. Why should you be excited about this? According to Cosmeticsinfo.org, “Antimicrobial ingredients are materials that protect against the growth of microorganisms in personal care products, including bacteria, viruses and fungi. Antimicrobial ingredients can also kill organisms that may be present in ingredients that may be used to make products.” A healing and cleaning agent that covers up my sun spots? I’m sold. More Organic Coconut Oil in my products please!

Of course after I apply the BB Cream, I decide to view their how to apply videos (which are really informative)! Now I’m realizing I probably should have applied it with a brush, but regardless my skin tone and texture ended up looking pretty even and flawless.







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