The Power of the Primal: Primal Pit Paste All-Natural Deodorants

Jan 07, 2014

PPPI’m not one to easily admit that I can have pretty smelly underarms. Over the years playing on high school teams to sitting in front of a computer most of the day, my odor makeup has evolved and seemingly so for the worse. I was thrilled to find 4 years ago a clinical strength version of Secret’s deodorant (I didn’t even know such a version could exist) – that worked! Through the subtropics of Vietnam even it withstood all the humidity.

Fast forward a few years, after a series of cancer scares and subsequent effort to live an even more healthy lifestyle, which included last year’s 30 Day Organic Challenge to find organic beauty and personal care products that worked. As coincidence would have it, right before I began this challenge a colleague mentioned to me switching to all natural deodorant. Again, a concept I didn’t even know could exist.

Why is all natural deodorant so important? Many non-natural versions contain aluminum, which when absorbed into the body can cause DNA changes that can potentially lead to cancer. Not to mention blocking the ability for your body to sweat out toxins in general.

As part of the Challenge Patty and I ventured to the Green Festival, both in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Anytime I came across a deodorant booth, I became somehow mesmerized by this idea I knew nothing about. In San Francisco, we met Lisa from Primal Pit Paste, a product line started by the owner Amy simply because she didn’t want to have chemicals on her daughter’s body who was also having odor issues. Lisa and Amy have been friends for years so we were excited also to hear about their story of this adventure.

I ask about any “extra strength” versions considering my previous attempts at effective products. I’m in luck! They do have one. After keeping in touch following the festival I’m sent a few samples to try. I was hopeful. Natural beauty products I had been using for my face were working out pretty well. Could this finally be solved?

The regular versions didn’t work out too well for me at first (remember, the only effective product I was using was clinical strength level). In the first few days, I found that the odor was eliminated, however the wetness was still apparent. Then I tried the strong lavender version of the paste (strong is available as a paste; regular strength products can be purchased in both paste and stick form). It worked! In applying the product I found it to be very smooth. Plus, since the color is natural, I wouldn’t have to worry about white marks finding their way to my clothing. Great bonus!

What I appreciated the most throughout this process, though, was not so much finding the product itself as interacting with the Primal Pit Paste team throughout. Lisa was extremely knowledgeable and communicative in not only helping me find the right product for my needs, but also educating along the way. She confirmed what I was realizing about making the all natural switch, that there is an acclimation period. Your body does take time to get used to being treated better as it clears out toxins from the previous products. Therefore while an all natural or organic product might not initially seem as effective, it is simply because your body is going through this process.

I’m getting ready to order a batch of product soon from this wonderful team and can’t wait to give to my friends to try for themselves. Onward ho!

You can find Primal Pit Paste online at
Facebook: Primal Pit Paste
Twitter: @primalpitpaste

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