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Jan 14, 2014

Greenbody Greenplanet - EcopiqueThe wonderful world of Twitter not only gives us hours of non-stop entertainment and breaking news, but it’s also a meeting place for #greenbeauty makers, bloggers and enthusiasts to meet each other.

As luck would have it, we stumbled upon Greenbody Greenplanet on Twitter and were instantly intrigued with their non-toxic hair care line. I know what you might be thinking. It’s hard enough to find a shampoo and conditioner that would be effective for my hair, but now I have to find a non-toxic green one too?

Trust me. My hair is thin and pretty hard to transform to va va voom status, so I wanted to see if Greenbody GreenPlanet could possibly be the non-toxic effective solution I’ve been looking for. Let’s face it – right under that scalp of ours is one of the most important parts of our body. The more I can decrease sulfate and paraben exposure to my noggin, the better.

They were kind enough to send me samples, so I dove in and tested the product out. I’ve tried a few all-natural/organic or non-toxic shampoos already, but none of them have ever instructed me on how to “shampoo organically“. According to GreenBody GreenPlanet, you should be using small amounts of shampoo at a time. We’re so used to big brand shampoos that are silicon and sulfate filled, we tend to think that instant lather and tons of foam is a good thing. Many times you also have to use a lot of it to get that later going.Well – I’m proud to report that I’ve found a shampoo that actually lathers without having to use much product AND is paraben free!


Greenbody Greenplanet shampoo

Greenbody Greenplanet Revitalizing Shampoo

The Results.

I used a small amount on my roots, as instructed. I didn’t feel any bubbles and questioned if it was cleaning my hair. I gave it some time and massaged it into my scalp, then washed it off. I tried again and for some reason, I felt the lather right away. Perhaps I had so much silicon in my hair from other products the first application had to strip the nasty stuff off before working. I’m not totally sure on why the 2nd go worked, but my head lathered just as effectively as with some of the common drug store brands I’ve used.

The conditioner was just amazing off the bat and I applied it to the ends of my hair.

I have to admit I love the creamy feeling of Pantene (I know – so not natural!) and I haven’t found that same feeling in any paraben and sulfate free conditioners until now. My hair didn’t feel limp at all (I have really thin hair) and stayed non-oily and soft all day.

What Else Does It Do.

What tells me a product is really non-toxic, is when you are able to use it for multiple purposes.  Although it doesn’t seem like you can go as far as washing your vegetables with it, Greenbody suggest using the shampoo for face cleanser and conditioner for a creamy moisturizing shaving cream.

No toxins. Multi Use. Effective and Affordable.  This product is definitely Ecopique approved.







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