Bringing It Back: Back Bum Soap

Jan 09, 2014

Back Bum SoapAnother GreenFest gem, this time from Los Angeles. We had the pleasure of meeting Fred from Back Bum Soap on our organic beauty product adventure. Now, Fred wasn’t always into soap making, but his journey here was enough to make me consider trying his creations.

At first, Fred’s soaps might seem like any others on display through the rows of product booths. Until you see that it’s soap – on a stick! The name intrigued me enough though to ask a bit more. Why Back Bum? Just that – these soaps are designed specifically for the back. Not only do they come with the ever so necessary handle for those hard to reach places, they are also specifically moisturizing.

These soaps don’t have the more art crafted look of other soaps we saw at the festival. They are intended with function in mind, and functional they are. I tried the Peppermint variety. This aloe vera transparent soap lathers very well. I also found that the initial residue I felt after using the product soon dissipated to moisture for my skin. No more itchy skin from dryness here.

I didn’t really know there was much difference between soaps before. Yet, many non-organic or non-natural versions, while claiming to moisturize while cleansing, actually do just the opposite. In effect, it creates a dependency for those products as they dry out your skin and so require you to use more of them.

This really is turning me into a back bum, in the greatest way. Back Bum Soaps are available with (aloe vera/peppermint) and without an extender (oatmeal).

Twitter: @backbumsoap

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