North Coast Organics: The Elite Assasin Strikes!

Jan 09, 2014

North Coast Organics - EcopiqueWhat I’m finding on this organic product journey is that makers more often than not are not trying to scale as fast as possible. Quality in their product remains at the forefront of their development because they ultimately believe in the real benefits of the all-natural lifestyle. Meet Nathan’s deodorant family from North Coast Organics and you’ll see just how thoughtfully handcrafted a body odor killer can get.

Like many of these products we’ve discovered, they often arose from a simple need. Nathan’s story of his 4 month study in rural Jamaica though, really struck me in understanding that this was about something much bigger than those unpleasant smells. Read about his adventure here.

North Coast Organics Revolver deodorant - EcopiqueHe was another maker we were able to meet at the GreenFestival in Los Angeles and I was so intrigued by the packaging! Why were there skulls on the labels? As Nathan explained, this is not only to get to the heart of product but also to really stand out in a marketplace where such designs don’t exist.

I was able to try both Revolver and Death by Lavender. The products come in a stick form (Lavender is also available in a jar) blending together USDA certified organic and vegan ingredients including coconut oil, baking soda, cornstarch, carnauba wax, and a proprietary blend of essential oils. You can smell and feel the oils, but they are not overwhelming. The natural color of the deodorant is also a plus here from those unsightly white marks. I found throughout the day my odor issues truly were eliminated. The product when applied first seems oily, but not to worry – it doesn’t leave or create any wetness. Besides, Nathan himself has been able to use it effectively bicycling through the summer streets of Chicago.

Nathan echoed the concerning sentiment over aluminum in non-organic deodorants, blocking pores which prevents the body from detoxifying and cooling down through sweat. Not to mention blocking lymph nodes – that can never be good.

I’m looking forward to seeing where the “assassin” strikes again. North Coast Organics also offers a line of lotions, lip balm, gift sets, and swag that can be found on their website.

You can find North Coast Organics online at:

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