Pure & Essential Minerals’ Dead Sea Mud Mask

Dec 06, 2013

41+MjcEd-aL._SX300_Like most people, I want to do right by my skin.  Especially my face.  With air pollution, sun exposure, aging, and the slew of other factors affecting my skin’s well being, I feel the need to take ownership of the factors that I can control.  If I could traipse off to the spa once every few weeks for a rejuvenating facial that would be glorious, but sadly my budget won’t allow for that.  So what can I do at home that’s quick, easy and budget friendly?

With a minimal amount of online research I stumbled upon the Dead Sea Mud Mask by Pure & Essential Minerals.  The first thing that drew me to it was that it was a completely organic product.  Some of the ingredients include Dead Sea mud, organic shea butter, organic sunflower oil, and hickory bark extract, among others.  But why Dead Sea mud specifically?  What’s the deal with it?  I found that apparently Dead Sea and its mud are chock full of minerals (more than 35), and is believed by many to possess several health benefits.  With that I was intrigued enough to order some and give it a whirl!

When I opened the container I was surprised to find that it had a nice, minty/eucalyptus scent to it.  Its appearance resembled a gray, clay-based mud.  I smoothed it onto my face and neck and it had a very pleasant cooling feel.   And for the best part, it only took 5-10 minutes for the mud to dry and for the minerals to be absorbed into my skin.

After washing it off with lukewarm water my skin felt nice and rejuvenated.  The next day I noticed it even more – my skin looked and felt surprisingly soft and nourished considering how cold and dry it was outside.  I’ll definitely be making this a weekly routine and may even be a Dead Sea mud convert.


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