Jojoba Oil: The Natural Alternative To Synthetic Lotions

Dec 16, 2013

Jojoba Plant - Ecopique What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you think “oil”? Isn’t it something you cook with? Wait, isn’t it that stuff you have to change every 3,000 miles in your car? I know… something that clogs your pores. Like most people, I thought the same exact thing until I discovered oils are one of the most effective and purest forms of natural moisturizers and cleaners we can use. Although you think you might be using an all-natural lotion, it’s important to read the ingredients closely. The majority of lotions on the market have synthetic fillers and fragrances to help mimic the scents of what exists in nature. Unfortunately, many of these fillers are derived from harmful chemicals that get absorbed into your bloodstream.

So now what? Introducing…Jojoba Oil. It’s one of the most popular oils, frequently used in several all-natural beauty products. It’s an extract from Jojoba tree seeds and is typically odorless and colorless. If it couldn’t get any better, Jojoba oil is an all-natural multi-tasker that can be used as a body moisturizer, makeup remover, aftershave and even deep-conditioning hair treatment.

All you need is a few drops and a little goes a long way. When applying jojoba oil onto your skin it absorbs almost immediately, locking natural moisture and doesn’t leave any residue or stickiness. Surprisingly, it’s also a great method to counter oily complexions because it tricks your skin into stopping the production of oils. Trying out another one of its multi-purpose uses, I’veapplied it to my scalp to help stimulate blood circulation and decrease hair thinning. It didn’t weigh down my hair, minimized midday dry scalp itching, and lifted my roots for a fuller look. All-natural, multi-purpose, and affordable? I think we have a winner.

Moral of the story: Oil sounds like it would be counter intuitive to cleaning, but don’t knock it until you try it. Not all oils are made alike. If you’re ready to take the all-natural plunge without hurting your wallet? Try a couple of these affordable, but effective Jojoba Oil brands:

– Trader Joe’s Jojoba Oil:  

Pick up a  4oz. bottle at your local Trader Joe’s store. It’s 100% Jojoba oil and animal cruelty free. Bottle is easy to carry around in your purse or take on business trips. Best used after a shower and applied throughout your body.

Trader Joes - Jojoba Oil - Ecopique






– Desert Essence 100% Non GMO Pure Jojoba Oil:

Purchase directly on their site. Dessert Essence is great for all reasons listed above and to help take the frizz out of hard to manage hair.

Desert Essence - Jojoba Oil - Ecopique


Till next time! – Patty



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