[Quyen] Day 30: We’ve ended, and so we’ve just begun.

Oct 03, 2013

Ecopique Organic 30 Day - bud


Our 30 Day Organic Challenge has come to an end. Do I feel I have a better handle on what organic beauty products are? Yes. Do I have a better understanding for when I am buying beauty products? Yes. Do I feel ready to say that I’ve gone organic? Yes – and no.

I say yes and no to the last question because I’ve learned that this challenge wasn’t just about replacing my line of beauty products for all organic ones. It was about a journey, a journey of discovery and understanding that organic is a buzz word that encompasses the insight life has been trying to show us all along our lives, which is that of living an organic lifestyle. Beyond the technical term of organic and natural, this also incorporates a mode of approach that allows for exploration and surprises.

On this last day I actually have found myself buying new organic products to try. Each time I feel more informed and feel one step closer to a more overall whole me. There are still so many products to find and avenues to turn down. There is a strong sense that really we’ve just begun. I don’t think I’d have it any other way.

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