[Quyen] Day 29: Finding Local Organic Beauty Products

Sep 30, 2013


Patty and I started to wonder if there were local organic makers by city. What we’ve seemed to find so far is that there are local stores that sell organic products, but they may not necessarily be made in LA.

Even finding a listing of stores to buy organic beauty products was a bit challenging. Now, I know that large retail chains like Target, Ulta and so forth have their natural or organic sections, but the selection is still limited. Of course, in comparison to the non-organic offerings, there are less of them to begin with. Even still, I was hoping for a little more considering that we are in Los Angeles – where activities like juicing and yoga seem to be the norm. At any rate, a Google search for organic beauty products in the area led to some interesting findings:

In fact, Yelp listings showed up a few times as the top search results for this. Makes me wonder if that’s where I really need to be going to find some good organic products to try. I suppose it makes sense, considering that these are newer products, and what better way to try them out than while someone else is working on you with them? I just may have to stop by a few of these places soon and see what they have in store – pun intended.

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