[Quyen] Day 28: One of My Fave Products, is Organic Too?!

Sep 30, 2013

30 Day Challenge Acne Essence

I’m not sure how I missed this before – one of my favorite beauty products that I’ve been using for almost a year now, is organic! Fainlise’s Avorio Equilibrium Acne Essence. Shall I shall all natural to be a little safer (since there is no “organic” certification on the labeling). The ingredients are simple: ground ivy, fennel, burdock root, bio balance, and sebomine. Now, I looked up sebomine and the closest item I could find to it was sebomin, which is used to treat acne.

Now, I don’t have major pimples at this point in my life, but I have found this to be very effective in helping to heal skin after having extractions during facials. The sensation is rather uncomfortable at first, but quickly dissipates. It has helped my skin stay clear and prevents further pore clogging. I can definitely tell a difference when I get lazy and don’t use it for a few days. It’s used like a toner after washing your face, then applied over with moisturizer and so forth. You also only need a few drops to cover the entire face – it spreads very well.

This product is not easy to get in the U.S. though that I’ve seen. It’s from France and I get it from the boutique that I go to for my facials. However, it looks like there are some online outlets that offer it at a good deal. Even for those without any major acne issues, this helps to keep pores clear and fresh.

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