[Quyen] Day 27: The A, BB, and CC’s of Creams

Sep 18, 2013


As the 30 Day Challenge has been winding down I still find myself making insightful discoveries.

Patty introduced me to BB cream – that is “beauty balm” – a moisturizer, SPF, and foundation all in one. I gave the Tarte version a try during a recent trip and was pleasantly surprised to find that it had a lightweight feel but covered and smoothed very well! In fact, pretty much in the same way that all my moisturizers had been working, combined. I guess there is truth to the hype about this product after all.

I’ve since discovered that Juice Beauty also has its own BB cream, and even CC (color control/correcting, i.e. the next step up from BB, supposedly) cream. Given my general satisfaction with their oil-free SPF moisturizer aside from the thick/heavy feel when applied, I’d be interested in giving this one a shot. It’s even shown up as a top pick for natural BB creams. The reviews all are unanimously positive as well.

Perhaps this is the reminder – that learnings always continue. I’m glad to see that as the beauty product market innovates, there are organic makers that are part of leading this charge as well.


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