[Patricia] Day 29: The Next Wave Of All Natural Products Are Here

Sep 28, 2013

Life seems to always come around full circle. The same concept seems to the apply to the evolution of beauty products. For decades we’ve tinkered and toyed with chemicals to give us the most fluff in our hair, or shine in our skin. Although we’ve seen many of these products work, the world is slowly starting to realize that these “effective” chemicals aren’t necessarily the most effective for our overall health. Today we’re seeing the shift in mainstream consumers understanding towards these hazards and opting to find natural alternatives.  Many publications say that there’s always a “hot” new all-natural substance that produces miracles results. Although the hype makes these solutions sound trendy, in many occasions, it’s the truth. Several all natural ingredients from the earth can actually work even better than the synthetic ingredients we use today.

Acai Berry was hot in 2010, Turmeric Root hot in 2011, Garcinia Cambogia hot in 2012, Coconut Oil in early 2013.  So what’s next? Yahoo just published an awesome article listing these new contenders. Here are some of my favorites:

Licorice Root

Licorice Root – Lightens depigmentation from sun damage. Goodbye sunspots!

Burts Bees

Probiotics – Good bacteria used in beauty products to balance out skin tone. I thought this was only for yogurt and food products!

Camels Milk

Camel’s Milk – Breaks down dull particles in your skin and softens skin. First coconut milk, then almond milk, now camel milk. It’s worth a shot!

Check out the full list! If you try any of them, I’d love to hear how they worked out for you.


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