[Patricia] Day 27: Mrs. Meyers – Best Fragranced Natural Hand Soap

Sep 17, 2013

As we already know, harmful chemicals in major cleaning products are things we hope everyone strives to avoid. Above and beyond the negatives of these chemicals touching your skin, the fragrances added are equally dangerous and nauseating for most consumers.

The catch 22 is they make the fragrances smell so good! I can’t even deny that I loved the smell of Pine Sol growing up when my mom cleaned the floors. My sense of smell has always been really sensitive and I’ve always enjoyed the smell of gardens, flowers, trees and everything outdoorsy. So what is a girl to do if she doesn’t want to give up the luxury of her home smelling like a garden, minus the chemicals?

Meyer's Clean Day Hand SoapWell I think I found it. I recently started using Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day hand soap. It was on the pricer side at around $4/bottle, but I saw it at Target and decided to give it a shot. First off – I love a product with a great story and amazing founders. Their whole mission to create products that smell like nature, without the harsh synthetic chemicals found in big household good names. All products are paraben free, made in the USA, and 98% naturally derived. This video sums it up pretty well.


I’ve used it for the last two weeks and I honestly get pretty excited every time I wash my hands because they end up smelling great for a couple of hours after. Best part is I know their ingredients are primarily all natural, so I don’t feel bad washing all day. They work just as well as the Bath and Body Works soaps I used to use, so the effectiveness is there without the harsh ingredients! Added to the #organic30day winner’s bin!


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