[Patricia] Day 26: Products That Made The #Organic30day Cut

Sep 16, 2013

green-thumbs-upIt’s been a great journey testing the organic beauty and household product waters. Some products where amazing, some okay, and some I just don’t think I’d use again. At the end of the day we want all natural products, but they just have to work. I understand that for most people time is money, and if something takes too long to become effective or the person needs to go back to the store to get a product that does work.. well it’s just wasting precious time.  So here’s a recap of the products I tested through the #organic30day challenge that I loved so much I’m still using until this day.

Ecopique - TarteTarte Tinted BB Cream:  I’ve used this for the last 30 days. It still works as good as the first day I tried it. The matte texture is extremely easy to apply and doesn’t leave an oily finish. I haven’t had any break outs during the month and it has long lasting coverage. Even after my hot yoga classes I still can notice the tint on my face, but when I wash it off with cleanser it comes off pretty easily. I’ve tried several other BB creams like Too Faced and Clinique, but in terms of effectiveness my vote is with the more natural alternative, Tarte. Only ask I’d have is that they offer more variety in tone selection.

Ecopique - Suncoat Mascara

Ecopique – Suncoat Mascara

Suncoat Mascara:  This mascara became my go to daily mascara since I first tested it less than a month ago. I’ve used it everyday for work, but also for night-time events. It’s light weight, but thick and bold enough that it really changes the ways my eyes are highlighted. Typically with other mascaras, when I curl my eyelashes the mascara weighs it down and they become straight again. With Suncoat’s mascara, my eyelashes stay curled all day. The biggest plus is that it does not smear during the day and doesn’t irritate my eyes like a lot of other mascaras(especially Cover Girl). The downside is that when I exercise and sweat the mascara will start to run, but that’s after excessive sweating.

Ecopique - Burt's Bees Facial Cleanser Berts Bees Orange Essence Facial Cleanser: I’ve heard many organic friendly vendors tell me “If you can’t eat it, it’s not good for you to put on your body”. I always thought it would be really weird if I actually could eat my face cleanser or hand soap. Funny thing is, throughout the month of using Bert’s Bees Orange Essence Facial Cleaner I’ve accidentally had some come into my mouth when rinsing. Surprisingly, it honestly tastes like oranges. Of course I spit it out right away, but this made me take a deeper look into its ingredients which checked out to be mostly all natural and filled with essential oils. Perhaps the vendors were right and the taste of products might be an indication of how natural they are. Although, don’t take my word for it and start tasting all your products! In terms of efficiency, I don’t feel squeaky clean when rinsing my face and it took time to get used to it per the research I did on oil cleaning oil. Aside from the way it felt, my skin’s complexion has improved over time and it keeps my skin moisturized (unlike other cleansers that dry my skin out). Still going strong with Bert’s Bees!

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