[Quyen] Day 22: Presents of Nature Organic Products

Aug 08, 2013

Ecopique Organic 30 Day Challenge

This post goes as a little shout out to Andrea Hall, whom I had the honor of interviewing recently about her perspective on living an organic lifestyle. I’ve learned that her website for organic soaps is www.presentsofnature.com.

She’s got soaps, body oils, shower gels, body moisturizers, and bath salts. Top products include Honey Nut Cheer (makes me want to have some cereal, strangely), Peppermint, Mint Creme, Chamomile, and Simply Olive (unscented). I believe her story tells the rest pretty beautifully:

Presents of Nature comes to you from the beautiful Commonwealth of Virginia. We are proud to be a Christian based and Kingdom focused company. As the owners of Presents of Nature my husband and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting us. We are a second generation soap-making family and it is our passion! We have two sons and hope that one day they too will want to learn the family trade.

Each new creation, every new soap recipe, is near and dear to our hearts. As our products go from our home to yours, we take pride in acquiring the freshest, most natural and organic ingredients. Our natural products can be used in a variety of applications: relaxation, home fragrances, muscle aches and pains, natural skin care remedies, rejuvenation, mood enhancers, prayer, meditations are just to name a few.

Rest comfortably in knowing that we will not send anything to your family that has not gone through our various testing processes. It doesn’t get any more natural or handmade than Presents of Nature. Both my sons and my husband had eczema. They were prescribed several medications, which did not cure their condition. I thought to myself, “Why use chemicals that are harsh to the skin when something natural and soothing could work so much better?” So we began to study and improve upon past recipes and a few failed batches, later WE GOT IT! Presents of Nature: Inspirational, Spiritual, and aromatic gifts are our specialty.

To me, there is the economical, practical side of purchasing new products, and to another extent the story behind them.. and especially those of the people. I suppose that both are pretty engaging in their own way. Tomorrow, though, we’re going to get down and dirty into some product drill-downs. Stay tuned!

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