[Quyen] Day 21: Top Organic Beauty Products

Aug 07, 2013

Ecopique Organic 30 Day Challenge

They say it’s not easy being green. Much less organic! It seems some products are making the cut though. Let’s see what made MSN’s list:

  1. Organic Fiji Pineapple Coconut Soap, $9
  2. SukiColor Tinted Active Moisturizer, $51
  3. Farmaesthetics Midnight Honey Bath & Beauty Oil, $36
  4. Marie Veronique Organics Pacific Face Serum, $140
  5. Emani Hybrid Crème in Love Addict, $18
  6. Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC Cream, $39
  7. Orico London Rush Hour Vibrant Dry Body Oil, $40
  8. DeVita Creamy Eye Makeup Remover, $13
  9. POE Mandarin Marine Moisture Mask, $52
  10. Everyday Minerals Jojoba Base in Sesame, $15
  11. Sequoia Beauty Honey Berry Enzyme Mask, $28

I was a little nauseous seeing the price points on some of these products, but the eye makeup remover and mask seem promising. Now, the only brand here that I’ve seen in stores is Juice Beauty, so does that mean the rest of these are only available online? I’ve never heard of any of them before. Time to do a little more digging to see how else these might be available before dropping some cash that I don’t need to spend for a trial run.

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