[Quyen] Day 20: Discovering Natural Beauty Remedies

Aug 06, 2013

Organic 30 Day Challenge

In the midst of the “organic vs. natural” terminology battle I found myself just wanting to know what the best truly natural ingredients there are out there, and why they are so effective. A search for natural beauty remedies has led me to some interesting sites:

Picklee: 12 Astonishing Natural Beauty Remedies
These include everything from treating dry skin to acne to age spots and a whole lot more. Not to mention the cute photos and recipe-like style of the layout which makes it very easy to follow along. I’m going to have to try some of these soon and see how well they really work.

Woman’s Day: 6 All-Natural Beauty Fixes
Baking soda to exfoliate? Lemon removes dry patches? Mint shrinks pimples? Has anyone actually tried any of these? I feel like I want to bust out my fridge and cut some herbs out of the backyard.

BuzzFeed: 23 DIY Natural Beauty Tips
I again like the pictures that help guide you here.

Would love to hear if anyone has tried these or other natural remedies that have really worked. I know that some of my cousins in the past have put mayonnaise in their hair to help with giving it more moisture, but I still can’t see myself making that leap yet.. but hey, with just 10 day left, why not give it a try?

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