[Quyen] Day 19: Calling All Organic Travel Size Products!

Aug 04, 2013

As I continue looking for organic beauty products, I find it a hard sell to purchase a completely new regular size item, not knowing that it’s going to last. Sure, the Ulta stores have products that you can try in the store itself, but that’s different from giving it a go for a few days.

I appreciated that a facialist I used to see would give me sample Dermalogica sizes to try at home before buying the entire bottle. It seems that Juice Beauty does something similar – 3 free samples with every purchase (smart marketers they have, those folks). On a Google search for “travel size organic beauty products” I come across the following:

  1. Lulu Organics Travel Size Hair Powder
  2. Nature of Beauty Organic Skin Care in Trial and Travel Sizes
  3. Minimus Travel Size Organic and Natural Personal Care
  4. 3floz.com, Travel Beauty Products (didn’t see anything organic specific here)
  5. Artisan Crafted Body Care Gift Sets of Organic Beauty Products & TSA Travel Friendly Sizes

That’s about as far down as I’ll go. Some of them look more like gift sets more than travel/trial size items, but it makes sense at that size to have both. I’m particularly interested in the Minimus site – they seem to have a lot of organic brands that I’ve already come across during this challenge (like Earthpaste, Tom’s of Maine, etc.). In some ways it feels like a wholesale product vs. consumer site though.

I think I’m going to take a look through the Minimus site some more and order some of these samples, and see how that process goes. More to come!

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