[Quyen] Day 17: Interview, Part 1 – Healing the Organic Way

Aug 01, 2013

I recently had the opportunity to interview Andrea Hall, a maker of organic products that are specifically developed to aid in healing. Over the next few days we’ll get to learn how she came to this, common misperceptions, and tips for living a more organic lifestyle.

Can you share about what you do and how you got involved? Was there are particular inspiration or turning point for you?

It all started when we moved from Orlando to Virginia and the Dogwood trees attacked and my family’s skin suffered. We all experienced episodes of eczema and other mysterious rashes. I felt that as a mother and a wife I had to do something so I started to do a lot of research in the belief that we should not have to forever live on cortisone cream and other steroid medication.  So with that belief I joined different forums and read several books describing ancient healing properties of plants and food. After a while my husband and I started making all natural laundry detergent as well as organic laundry detergent which led to soap making.

What do you enjoy most about the products that you make and what you do?

I love the fact that I’m helping others. Even though I didn’t go to medical school, in a way, I feel as though I’m healing people. Also, its assuring that every ingredient is hand selected so we know what’s in our products. Not to mention the fact that I love working with my husband.

What do you feel are the most important things to keep in mind when looking for organic or natural products? 

Research, research, research…very cliché’, but knowledge is power. I encounter more and more people buying products hoping that this elixir will solve all of their issues. They aren’t living a holistic life. For instance, if one is taking high blood pressure medication one should not ingest grapefruits/grapefruit juice. Knowing this, I would stay away from grapefruit essential oil as well. Even though it helps the digestive system it would do more harm than good if I was on medication for high blood pressure.  Grapefruit blocks enzymes in the wall of the intestine which prevents certain drugs from being absorbed into the body.  Some oils that may be great for someone with hypertension would be lavender and ylang-ylang.

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