[Patricia] Day 25 – Holistic Organic Living: Mind.Body.Soul

Aug 14, 2013

I was laying on my yoga mat today during shavasna and had an epiphany. I realized that the #Organic30day challenge was more than reviewing organic beauty and home good products, more than learning about all the toxic chemicals in them, and more than finding out cool new databases to research organic certifications. The challenge symbolized an entirely new different way of living and mindset. I’ve talked a lot about “holistic” products, but have never talked about the holistic mind-set to living an alternative organically conscious life.

Mind. Body. Soul – The three pillars to achieving the ultimate balance in life (whether you’re an #organic30day challenger or not). I’ve written about ways that I’ve enriched my mind through researching organic products and ingredients, but I want to dedicate this blog to initiatives with my body and soul that have helped create my holistic #organic30day challenge.

Ecopique - YogaHot power yoga has always been a favorite of mine, but within the last few months I’ve been going to class about 3-4 times a week. It’s an amazing work out to tone your body and sweat like you’ve never sweat before. More importantly, it’s a time where I can clear my mind and solely concentrate on my breath and my movements. Believe it or not, the best ideas come to me during shavasna, when I’ve rid my mind of the million distracting daily thoughts. Yoga also propels my desire to make sure I pay attention to the chemicals I apply and ingest in my body. If I worked so hard to detoxify, why would I want to easily ruin it again.

Ecopique - Dirty DozenTo that point, I make sure to eat as healthy and natural as possible. I follow this EWG chart ranking vegetables and fruits based on pesticide exposure. For those that rank higher for pesticides, I typically buy organic. Surprisingly most people think buying organic is more expensive, but this is far from true. Even Ralphs in downtown LA has jumped on the bandwagon and the majority of their produce section is from local and organic farms, only a small portion in the back are not marked organic. Prices are only slightly higher by a few cents and there’s aways tons of deals. I’ve also started to read The Makers Diet. It’s a book about eating healthy and how all natural ingredients can work as well as western medication. I’ll leave a review about it once I’m through more of the book.

All of this might sound overwhelming, trendy and overboard but my lifestyle just naturally gravitated in this direction. It’s been a really fun experience seeing all aspects of my life merge into a more consciously healthy lifestyle.

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