[Patricia] Day 23: Farm – Sourced Skin Care

Aug 11, 2013

Ecopique - BenedettaHave you ever heard of the phrase “farm-sourced” ? I didn’t until yesterday. Previously I wrote about my “aluminum”  toxic revelation through a lovely lady running the organic kiosk at “The Market” in Santa Monica.  She was also kind enough to give me some samples of their farm-sourced products to try. The company name is Benedetta and the founder that coined the phrase “farm-sourced” is Julia Faller. She writes on her website that there’s a barrage of organic and natural products in the marketplace that claim they are all natural, but still have preservatives in their ingredient list. So she felt there was a need to coin a phrase that truly encompassed the natural holistic ingredients in her products. Farm-sourced in the Benedetta world means that all ingredients are sourced directly from certified organic and biodynamic farms. Most of the farms’ ingredients are purchased from Northern California and are formulated in small batches to ensure quality in each product. Benedetta’s holistic approach and overall story alone made me extremely intrigued with the product line and excited to dive into the samples.

Here’s a run down of the first Benedetta products I sampled:

Ecopique - Benedetta

Massage-In Creme Cleanser Rosemary & Geranium

Pros: This is the first cleanser I’ve used where it’s supposed to be applied DRY. I was a little hesitant at first, but took a dime sized amount and applied it in circular motions on my dry face. Surprisingly it went on smoothly and evenly distributed throughout my face and neck. The cleanser was somewhat oily, but also had slightly rough substances in it to help with exfoliation. I left it on for 10 minutes, then wiped it off with a hot wash cloth, like directed. I was concerned that my face would feel oily because I wasn’t supposed to wash it off with water directly, but the cleanser came off nicely and moisturized at the same time. I give a thumbs up to the claims that this is a 1-step treatment for Cleansing, Toner,  and Exfoliating. I didn’t need to put lotion on my face afterwards. Bonus – It smells AMAZING and according to Benedetta’s website “The aromatic and fresh smell of each formula comes directly from the synergy of active ingredients – never fragranced.”

So far – this is my favorite #organic30day challenge product.

Cons:  Efficiency. I wasn’t able to use this product to wash my make up off because you need to leave it on for 10 minutes. I didn’t want to lay with my eyes closed for 10 minutes, so I had to wash my eye makeup off first. Although the cleanser is 1 STEP, it seems to be more steps because I have to wash my make up off first, dry my face, apply the cleanser, wait 10 minutes, then wipe it off with a wash cloth.

Looks like I have one more day worth of cleansing from the sample, then I’m off to “The Market” to buy my full supply. I’m sold!


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