[Patricia] Day 24 – Benedetta: Favorite #Organic30day products

Aug 12, 2013

My Benedetta Farm Sourced experiment spree has continued. I’m honestly loving the natural (legit natural) fragrance of all their products and the after minty tingle it leaves behind. Here Are two more reviews below.

Ecopique - BenedettaThe “Best” Deodorant: I’m buying the full size version of this product. Hands down. I sampled the spray on deodorant two days in a row. At first the minty freshness was a bit overwhelming because …well… I’m just not used to being that minty under there. After a few minutes, I got used to it and really enjoyed the freshness and natural fragrance. I even sprayed it on my husband who seemed excited about it (he’s usually the picky one). I went throughout the day feeling pretty dry, although the minty fragrance did wear off. That’s probably a good thing considering it’s all natural fragrance from essential oils vs. synthetic fragrance. More importantly,  even though the fragrance wore off, my natural body oder didn’t turn on (eww. I know). There’s no aluminum or parabens in this product. Its main ingredients are pretty simple: Grape Alcohol & A Proprietary Blend of * **Essential Oils. I don’t really have any cons with this product, so off to The Market I go to buy my bottle.

Ecopique - Control Creme Blemish TreatmentControl Cream Blemish Treatment: Recently my skin hasn’t been cooperating with me. I’ve had some mild breakouts on my cheeks and chin. During my visit to the dermatologist she prescribed to me Clindamycin Phosphate Lotion, which contained several ingredients that I can’t even pronounce and our most mentioned #Organic30Day challenge ingredient, methylparaben. I used this topical lotion for about a week, but I didn’t see any great changes to my skin and my blackheads were still lurking. It did help mildly, but not to the extent I thought prescription strength acne skin care would help.

I decided to put the Clindamycin aside for a couple days and try out Benedetta’s Control Cream Blemish Treatment. I used it two days in a row on my problem areas. The first thing I noticed was its STRONG plant based smell. It smelled like a mix of lavender, mint and menthol. The consistency was more liquid vs. cream based and had a cream yellow tone to it. When I applied it on my face, it felt like a world of mint hit it and almost stung. Not a bad stinging feeling, but a feeling that made me think it was working and enticed me to want to put more on. The scent lasted until the morning when I woke up, which I didn’t mind much because I liked it so much. The result? My blemishes seemed less red and smoother in the areas I applied it. I can’t say they helped the inflammation more than the Clindamycin, if anything it helped to the same degree. Which brings me to the conclusion that if it works just as well as the prescription medication that’s, more expensive and has questionable ingredients in it, I might as well use the natural version that makes my skin smoother.

This makes me re-think prescription medications and jumping on the bandwagon to use them so quickly.


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