[Patricia] Day 22 – Antiperspirant Causing Breast Cancer Claims

Aug 10, 2013

Ecopique - Deodorant Today I took a stroll in a fun, organic friendly shopping plaza called “The Market”. There was one  kiosk that caught my attention. They only sold local plant-based beauty products. Looking forward to trying out the samples tonight. Look out for my reviews tomorrow.

I spoke to the sales person for a while, getting the 411 on how all these products were made. She showed me their organic deodorant and it’s benefits like – NO ALUMINUM. I’ve never thought that I needed to watch out for deodorant, let alone ALUMINUM. She told me that ALUMINUM is in the antiperspirants that prevents your lovely armpits from sweating. Hmmm this was surprisingly interesting, so I deciding to do more research into this claim.

Apparently there has been wide-spread concerns about antiperspirants in deodorant. Basically there have been claims that antiperspirants stops your pores under your arm pits from detoxifying, therefore leaving toxins  in your body that could cause cancer. Since the armpits are so close to the breast, this is where claims were directed at antiperspirants causing breast cancer. There are also some concerns about Aluminum absorbing into the skin and adding carcinogens in the body. As with many claims, they can be scary and you need to do your own due diligence before believing all of them.

Ecopique - Deodorant

WebMD counters and wrote an article walking through these claims and the reasoning on why antiperspirants are NOT something you need to be concerned about. In addition, the levels of aluminum is so minimal they are low risk. Breastcancer.org states the same thing.

I always like to live on the side of caution, so personally I’m going to try out some deodorants that don’t have antiperspirants and see if I can deal with being a sweaty mess. As long as I’m not stinky, I’m happy. =)


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