[Patricia] Day 21: Ecopiquer Testimonial About Oil Cleansing

Aug 07, 2013

Ecopique - Oil CleansingYesterday on my post Oil Dissolves Oil and is Great for your Skin,  we received an exciting comment from a fellow Ecopiquer.  She wrote us about her experiences with oil cleansing and how it helped her skin become squeaky clean. We love it when the community shares their stories. The more we share the faster we learn! I reached back out  and asked a few more questions about her experience. My interview with her below!

Ecopiquer: I actually started using a combo of olive oil and castor oil a few years back when my acne started getting really bad. I was scared of putting oil on my face, but I tried it. It does work, but can be kind of messy. I would massage the oil on my face and amazingly, I could feel some hard gritty stuff come out of my pores, which were basically blackheads and oil from my clogged pores. Ew! So, yes, the oil attracted the oil to release. Then, I would take a warm washcloth and sort of place it over my face for 10 seconds or so and then wipe it all off, makeup and all. It removed all of my makeup and waterproof mascara.

Me: Where did you find oil cleansing recipes? Are you still using it today?

Ecopiquer: I found this oil cleansing method on the internet. There’s tons of info out there on it. The main reason why I stopped doing this is because it gets really messy. But my skin did feel softer at that time! And it was good for my sensitive/acne ridden skin.

Me: Do you use the usual over the counter cleanser after you finish cleansing with oil? Ecopique - Olive Oil

Ecopiquer: You’re actually not supposed to use any cleansers after using the oil because the whole purpose is that the oil is the cleanser itself. But for me, I somehow still felt like I needed to use a very mild cleanser afterwards…I think it was Cetaphil. Maybe it’s just out of habit, but it felt weird to me not to use a cleanser. And after I would cleanse, I put a small drop of olive oil in my hand and moisturize my face with it.

Me: Wow. Would you use the same olive oil you use to cook with?

Ecopiquer:  Yup! The really good quality kind…75% extra virgin olive oil mixed with 25% castor oil for the cleanser. Some people use different proportions depending on the type of skin. Then, just olive oil for moisturizing. Right now, I still use extra virgin olive oil for my eye makeup remover…just dab a bit on a cotton pad and it works like a charm, especially for waterproof mascara.

There you have it! A first hand oil cleansing testimonial! If you tried it, we’d love to hear from you. Sharing is caring =)


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