[Patricia] Day 20 – Oil Dissolves Oil And Is Great For Your Skin. Really?!

Aug 05, 2013

Ecopique - OilYesterday I wrote about how I stumbled upon the wonderful world of oil cleaners. Now that it’s been a few washes with Burt Bees Orange Essence Facial Cleanser, I’m noticing the pros outweighing the cons (only con being the oily texture). So why does this work so well? How can it be that oil cleans oil? Here’s what I found:

– The skin care industry has taught us to think oil on your face is bad and can lead to blackheads, pimples and blemishes. So many products highlight the fact they are anti bacterial or cut through grease easily.

– Using products that strip away oil send us into a vicious cycle. Oil is actually essential for skins overall health. Scrubbing it away, will only lead your skin to produce even more oil (perhaps more then you need). Also the products usually have the vague “fragrance” ingredient added, which adds to the irritation of your skin. Sure it smells good, but that’s about the only superficial benefit you’ll get from that ingredient. Dive deeper here.

– Oil isn’t the culprit that causes pimples and nasty skin irritations. There are several factors that contribute to your skin not being Angelina Jolie smooth, but don’t be so quick to point your finger at oil. Actually, oil DISSOLVES oil. Massaging oil in your skin will help break down impurities under your pores, while keeping natural oil in tact.

– Natural oil helps heal, lubricate and overall protect your skin. Don’t get rid of it!

– Once you can get over the fact that oil is okay (it took me awhile to get here), there are several oils that are recommended for cleaning. Main ones included castor oil, olive oil and sunflower oil. For the pros, there are many natural oil combinations you can make at home to create you own facial cleaner.  For newbies like me, a great gateway product would be the one I wrote about yesterday. It’s not 100% oil, but it’s major ingredients are oil based and it’s in a pretty tube (which right now helps me feel better I’m putting oil on my face).

I’m excited to eventually start creating my own cleansing oils. That will probably be a 30 day challenge in itself!



P.S. Click here for a great article about creating your own oil cleaning solution from scratch!


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I actually started using a combo of olive oil and castor oil a few years back when my acne started getting really bad. I was scared of putting oil on my face, but I tried it. It does work but can be kind of messy. I would massage the oil on my face and amazingly, I could feel some hard gritty stuff come out of my pores (sorry, it’s gross…), which were basically blackheads and oil from my clogged pores. Ew! So, yes, the oil attracted the oil to release. Then, I would take a warm washcloth and sort of place it over my face for 10 seconds or so and then wipe it all off, makeup and all. It removed all of my makeup and waterproof mascara. Anyway, I don’t use this method these days but I do still use my oil formula for removing eye makeup. Just wanted to let you know my experience!

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