[Patricia] Day 17: Conscious Box Groupon! Get it while it’s hot!

Aug 02, 2013

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Previously I wrote about my favorite organic products subscription service – Conscious Box. I’m still a loyal subscriber and a lot of the products I review come from CB. Hopefully so far Quyen and I have helped to expose you to some of the tips and tricks we’ve picked up along the way during our #Organic30Day challenge. For me, Conscious Box had a lot to do with helping and encouraging me to continue exploring the world of organics and green living. Mostly because they made it so easy by plopping samples of curated goods directly to my door. So guess what? It’s even easier for you now to jump on the #organic30day train. Yesterday Quyen found that they’ve just launched a Groupon Deal!
It’s $15.99/box vs. the normal $20.00/box. I know it’s still more expensive than Birch Box, but you know you’re getting quality green products with CS. Don’t worry – I’m not getting paid to say this. I genuinely think they have a great service and is an easy gateway into the world of green living.

Take the #Organic30Day plunge! It can’t hurt =)


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