The 30 Day Challenge

Jul 10, 2013

Since we were young, we always have been taught that chemicals are bad. Cover your nose when a smog-filled bus passes by. Don’t touch bleach directly. Be careful when you spray those darn ants outside. Some chemicals are really easy to point out and it’s obvious when you should stay away from them. Unfortunately, there are also chemicals that are hidden in everyday products that we have little to no knowledge about. We always thought that consumer products like shampoos and hand soaps were great because they helped to keep us clean. Eyelines, lotions and face powders were awesome because they made us feel pretty. How could products that help us stay clean and feel pretty be bad for us?

We have to admit – it’s a bit worrisome. The more we dig into the ingredients in the food we eat, the beauty products we put on our bodies, and the products we clean our house with, we start to realize that the majority of these products are filled with terrible chemicals. Parabens in our shampoo,GMO foods, pesticides on fruits – the list of silent killers go on and on. The good news is knowledge is power and we have the control to limit the consumption of these products if we can start looking for the right things to avoid and greener products to use.

Our passion to find out the truth about certain products and desire to create a healthy environment for our families and community has brought us to Ecopique. Our home now is filled with consumer brands and food products that most of you have heard of and most likely use in your home. Brands we have been using since we were little kids like Lysol, Comet, 409, Bath and Body Work Lotions, Pantene Shampoo, Dove Deodorant etc. If you start googling some of the ingredients found in these products and health risks, you’d be a little worried too. Problem is, we can’t just throw everything away in one day or else we’d have nothing in our homes. We also can’t just replace everything in one day with a “greener” version or else we’d be broke. So since this will be a slow evolution of educating ourselves and greenifying our households, we wanted to share the knowledge we’ll be gaining through this process via our Organic 30 Day Challenge!

In the next 30 days, we will be documenting our daily journey of uncovering the good, the bad, and the ugly beauty and household products out in the wild today. Sometimes we’ll write about new products we find, sometimes we’ll write about new ingredients we’ve researched you should stay away from, other times we’ll talk about cool websites that can help us understand the wonderful world of organics. The goal is to pick up a new piece of information every day for 30 days. By the end of the month, we hope to confidently say we’ve taken a big leap towards being armed with the right knowledge to make smart decisions on what we put on our bodies and use in our homes.

We hope this encourages you to join us on the #Organic30Day Challenge. If you do, we’d love to hear from you and feature you in our community.

Onward ho towards Revolution Green!

Ecopique Founders,

Quyen & Patty

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None-plastic world is the goal , I may be able to give some opinions to have
a healthier daily life. I, an aging man ,
was living in a none or low toxic for
years….poor and dirty but more
organic !

Thanks for your comment Mr. Ji!! It’s great you have an organic and natural lifestyle. Great example!

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