[Quyen] Day 7: A Case of Mongogos… for Your Lips

Jul 14, 2013

Rounding out week 1 of the 30 Day Organic Challenge with my second product review. Here we are with Mongo Kiss: “Lip balm with a kiss of bliss.” USDA and Fair Trade Certified organic ingredients. Score! Made with mongongo oil. What’s that, you say? I’m about to find out myself, so here we go.

Distributed widely in Southern Africa, the mongongo tree produces nuts, the oil of which is used for cleansing and moistening the skin. Why not lips too for that matter then?

The version that I’m sampling is the vanilla honey flavor. I haven’t traditionally been a vanilla fan, but hey, I’m trying to be more organic so why not give it a try.

My lips get dry pretty easily. I’ve historically gone with the standard Vaseline and now Chapstick. Vaseline was the staple for many years because it seemed to work the longest. With the main ingredient being petroleum jelly, though, have I been setting my lips up to not work with more natural options?

Mongo Kiss worked out nicely for about half the day. Toward the latter half, I found myself having to re-apply pretty frequently. Perhaps my body has gotten so used to non-natural products though. I’m going to give it another try and see.

Mongongo nuts image via Sundays Child

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