[Quyen] Day 5: My first organic product review!

Jul 13, 2013

As part of this challenge I am attempting to try replacing my non-organic products as they run out, if they fall within the 30 day window. The first up is my night cream. Mind you, night cream in and of itself is a new item in the mix for me, so perhaps that made this switch a bit easier. I was using the Neutrogena Ageless Essentials Continuous Hydration Time Released Moisturizers (what a mouthful – but apparently it was enough to convince me to try it at the $14.99 price point) before. I didn’t like that when applied it made my skin appear all oily, but it seemed to be working fine. Besides, who was going to see me sleeping anyway?

Like my sister, I wanted to spend around the same amount of money on a new product, or better yet less. I noticed that Neutrogena has a Naturals line now (yes, I remembered that natural is basically a marketing buzzword from digging 2 days ago, but hey why not), and specifically Neutrogena Naturals Nourishing Night Cream. The packaging caught my attention – as part designer, I appreciate the matte trend that is taking place. Perhaps because of the depth of texture of the box.

According to the text on this nice packaging, the product is 97% plant derived. The main bionutrients include Inca Inchi oil which according to Neutrogena is “the richest oil essential in Omega fatty acids.. and also contains Vitamins C and E… [it] works with the skin to restore the skin’s natural moister barrier and has anti-inflammatory properties;” and Yerba Mate tea leaf which is an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. Sounds not so bad, especially being under $15.

I didn’t have the best first impression on actual use though. The cream itself was very thick and seemed to take more time than my previous cream to spread out onto the skin. It also had this strangle prickly tingly sensation. What happened to anti-inflammatory? I did notice almost right away though that my skin had a matte vs. oily tone compared to the other Neutrogena product. The redness was also diminished, and when I woke in the morning all seemed fine. I’ve tried this for a few nights now and it’s been pretty consistent! Even though when first applied the product is thick, it soaks in nicely – and did I mention how I just love that it mattens my skin almost immediately.

Not bad for a first try! Now, there was no organic label, but there are no harmful sulfates, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, or dyes… so not bad, right? I don’t know exactly why some of those are bad for you (I just know they are because I’ve been told), but that will be a discovery for another day soon!

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