[Quyen] Day 15: 30 Day Organic Challenge – The Halfway Mark!

Jul 24, 2013

We are now halfway through our 30 Day Organic Challenge. It’s been such an unexpected, twisty journey. Going in, I knew nothing about organic products. I still can’t say that I’m a guru yet, but thankful there is still half a stretch to go.

I knew that I had no idea, but I also didn’t know how challenging this would really be. The amount of confusion that I personally find and continue to find in the marketplace (whether in stores, online, or simply talking to others) surprises me, yet also makes me want to reach some clarity even more. In reviewing brands, I really am finding myself only trusting those with the official organic label. Anything else makes me very skeptical – for wondering what ingredients are really being used, but even more so how effective the product potentially is (or rather, not). Somehow seeing the organic label makes me think that it is also more effective. This has not necessarily been true, but there is a trust factor there I am finding myself getting more and more comfortable with.

While being green, eco-friendly, organic, etc. is seen as trendy these days, I am finding a common pattern among those on the product-making side: it’s just a part of their way of life. I somehow find this deeply inspiring. They’ve been natural. They’ve been organic. They’ve been health-conscious and holistic. The rest of us are seeing it as though it’s an entirely new discovery – when really it’s been there all along. We are essentially re-discovering our roots and origins and making a bigger deal out of it than it needs to be by layering them into the synthetic mixes and products we’ve gotten so used to in our modern age and society.

Where to from here? I have a sense of what’s bad for me and why. What seems to have drawn me more over these past 2 weeks though is actually what’s naturally good for me and why. Learning about the benefits of natural ingredients seems to go a much longer way than learning the dangers of other said chemicals. I suppose the knowledge of both is needed to be well-informed. There seems to be something more thought that I quite literally haven’t put my finger on yet. I’ve tried some products. I’ve looked at some sites. Looks like it’s time to take a deeper and more comprehensive dive – perhaps in what looks to be the best of the best right now – and see what happens from there.

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