[Quyen] Day 14: Getting Dished by Ecover

Jul 23, 2013


“For sparking results” try Ecover: Powered by Nature, says the sample. 2 free automatic dishwasher tablets, here we go.

This is phosphate and chlorine free. Now we all know how our eyes feel about chlorine in the pool. How did I ever let myself get away with eating food on plates that used this same chemical?

I placed one of the tablets into the soap tray. The next morning I opened my treasure to find that the pots in the mix unfortunately still had a lot of the grease from cooking still on them. The lids also had much of the soap residue. I had to rewash these items before putting them away. The other bowls, utensils, and such seemed ok though. Still, I’m not sure I would use this one again.

What makes some organic or natural products effective vs. not? This will be a question to explore more soon.

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