[Quyen] Day 13: Clay for Your Mouth? Here’s to Earthpaste

Jul 23, 2013

Ecopique 30 Day Organic Challenge Earthpaste

I’m still having a hard time getting over the ingredients to these products. The latest: Earthpaste. They say it’s amazingly natural toothpaste. Apparently over 4,200 Facebook fans agree. That is fine, but I’m having a hard time digesting the fact that this toothpaste is made from clay. The sample package even says that it’s safe to eat. Why clay? Apparently it is a polishing cleanser with antibacterial properties that has been used for centuries.

Did you know that toothpaste as we’ve known it is white because titanium has been added to it? I’m not sure if I’m more comfortable with the fact that this toothpaste is made from clay or that my current toothpaste has a metal swishing around in my mouth.

Would this be worth the $7.99 price tag? The sample seems promising. I was somehow surprised that it didn’t foam in use. I then remembered that my current toothpaste from Arm & Hammer has baking soda and peroxide in it; and Earthpaste doesn’t use any foaming agents in its products. Talk about two ends of the spectrum.

The aftertaste of the minty flavor was nice. My breath felt fresh for a little bit, but didn’t seem to last. I always have to use a mouth rinse, so I don’t know if this is a fair statement to make of the toothpaste. What will be interested to see will be if I can find a good organic mouth rinse that does the trick – and then we’ll be gravy.

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