[Quyen] Day 10: Zinc Oxide – Skin Shield Extraordinaire

Jul 19, 2013

My daily sunscreen moisturizer has run out so I stopped by Ulta Beauty to see what they might have to offer in terms of organic products. What I like about this store is that they have a range of offerings depending on budget and preference. This was where I picked up my Neutrogena Naturals night cream before. I checked that line again, but the options were pretty slim. Unfortunately, no SPF moisturizer to try there. I kept walking around and found a “naturals” section – but not certified organic. Not much there either actually.

Juice Beauty Oil Free SPF Moisturizer

I kept walking around the store and found Juice Beauty – the only all-organic line in the store. Specifically, their SPF 30 Oil-Free Moisturizer. Certified organic! Pricier than the Neutrogena version that I’d been using, but I thought for this round would give it a try. What really interests me is that it touts healing why hydrating. The active ingredient is zinc oxide. What makes zinc oxide so effective? Apparently it reflects UV rays away from the skin. Not only that but also has healing (wounds, burns, etc.) and astringent (acne, inflammation, irritation) properties. Who knew?

I’ll start using it tomorrow. The reviews I’ve seen on the product page are mixed so far. I’ll see for myself soon how it goes!

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