[Patricia] Day 3: Confused about what’s in your products?

Jul 10, 2013
Cosmetic Data Base: EWG.ORG

Cosmetic Data Base: EWG.ORG

I have to admit, the journey towards living an organic lifestyle isn’t easy. Deciding to take the #Organic30day challenge is half the battle, but there’s another half  (the exploration half) that can feel overwhelming and never ending. There was a sense of urgency to thrive right away in the organic world and know everything I could, but the light at the end of the tunnel seemed so far away.

I started to train myself to immediately look at ingredient labels on beauty and household products before purchasing. Although, I became discouraged because there’s so many strange ingredients and acronyms that had no meaning to me. I decided to roll up my sleeves and hit the web hoping to educate myself on a few ingredients a day. I soon realized that task would take me 3,253 days to complete, considering how many different names companies like to call the same ingredient.

Luckily, my trusty friend Sir Google helped me discover a pretty neat organization called the Environmental Working Group. Their tagline is “The Power of Information”, which I think sums up the purpose of their organization and site. There’s several parts of their website that serves as a great reference and guide to actively learning how to stay environmentally concious. The section that stood out for me was the EWG Skin Deep Cosmetic Database. Anyone can search over 65,000 products and find out a list of each product’s ingredient concerns and rankings. Category of concerns range from products that can cause cancer to development & reproductive toxicity. EWG also has an overall score system based on how hazardess the overall product is. 1-2 would be low hazard, while 9-10 would be the highest hazard. It’s a great quick way for you to monitor the products in your house and if you should spend some time finding replacements for them! I know I’ve thrown away several products already and replaced them with natural versions because of this website.

Give it a whirl! There’s so much to comb through, but it’s worth the investigation. Remember – Knowledge is power!


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