[Patricia] Day 15: Empowered and Green

Jul 25, 2013

EcopiqueHip hip hooray! Day 15 of my #Organic30day challenge has arrived. I’m excited that I’ve come this far, but sad that in another 15 days the challenge will be over. Perhaps I should extend it to 60 days =) It’s been an eye-opening and fun experience exploring natural products, learning about ingredients, and  documenting it along the way. I feel confident about the knowledge I’ve gained so far and find myself excited to put what I’ve learned into practice. Yesterday I went to the grocery store and found myself spending at least 5 minutes per product and investigating its ingredients before tossing it in my basket. I know what you might be thinking…BORING! I just want to get out of the store asap! I would have thought the same thing before too.

Surprisingly, it felt like I was reviewing ingredients out of habit vs. forcing myself to do it because of the challenge. It was actually pretty fun to see ingredients like “methylisothiazolinone ” and know exactly what it was used for and any negative effects it may have on my body. Yup. The word “empowered” pretty much sums up how I feel at the half way mark.

Some favorite tid-bits I’ve learned so far:

Watch out for:

  • Polyethylene (PEG) is found in several personal care products. It’s a potential carcinogenic and immune system toxicant.
  • There are several health concerns linked to Parabens — cancer, reproductive toxicity and neurotoxicity to name a few. Tarte cosmetics and many natural products market their products as Paraben Free.
  • VOC (volatile organic compounds) chemicals like Formaldehyde found in wood cleaners and Acetone in nail polish remover can lead to chronic respiratory problems.

Natural Alternatives:

  • Beeswax candles are the way to go. They have the cleanest burn, no paraffin are emitted into the air and they are ALL natural.
  • Essential oils are great natural alternatives for everything ranging from cleaning products to medicine.
  • Tarte cosmetics is a great beauty line that is formulated without parabens, phthalates and sodium lauryl sulfate

I’m ready for round 2! To be continued…

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