[Patricia] Day 14: Allergy Epidemic from Personal Care Products. Oh Boy.

Jul 23, 2013

Baby with rubber duckie - Ecopique

Previously, I wrote about the importance of using natural bath wash to avoid parabens and polyethylene. It looks like there’s even more reason to go green when picking what you sud yourself with. Recently there’s been reports that an allergy epidemic is occurring because of a specific ingredient in many shampoos and soaps. Methylisothiazolinone or MI is used as a preservative and a way to deter bacteria. Although several countries have deemed the chemical safe to use in products, many dermatologists are stating otherwise. Embarrassing to say, but I’ve been sprouting eczema problems and skin allergies recently. If you’re like me and want to look into this chemical more, check out www.goodguide.com for a break down.

Natural News states: “Some companies have already begun to quietly and voluntarily phase out the use of MI in their products, but many other brands such as Nivea, Wet Ones, and Dove still use it, according to reports. Even some popular “natural” brands like Seventh Generation and Burt’s Bees use MI in their product formulations.”

It’s a bummer to see Burt’s Bees on that list, but remember it’s all in moderation and how it directly affects your skin. MI is mainly used as a preservative and as a substitute for paraben (which has many proven studies that it’s toxic for our bodies). Living an organic and green lifestyle is a balancing act of weighing choices as we go! I think it’s a bit frustrating to have conflicting reports and research on products, but with time and increased knowledge I’m having an easier time making the right product decisions for me. Thanks, #Organic30Day challenge!

Almost at the 15 day halfway point!


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