[Patricia] Day 13: To gel, or not to gel. That is the question.

Jul 22, 2013

manicure_QAIt’s been about 1 year since I first discovered gel manicures. I’m notorious for ruining manicures in one day, sometimes the moment I walk out of the salon. Clumsiness is in my DNA, so the day before my wedding I wanted to make sure I had superman-proof nails to last through the entire night. The manicurist suggested gel nail polish, which at first didn’t sound great because it cost 2 times as much as a regular manicure. Since it was my wedding day I decided to splurge. I found it odd that I had to stick my hands in this small box oozing with purples lights, but I did it anyway. The results – instant happiness. My nails were shiner than they’ve ever been and the nail polish looked flawless for a whopping 1o days!

Of course with every great product comes speculation that it’s not as good as it sounds. There have been several studies indicating that the purple UV light could cause skin cancer, although there’s been much debate over the validity of this claim. Cosmopolitan wrote that the exposure is equivalent to two minutes in the sun. A more realistic concern would be increased age spotting and wrinkles. The easy solution if you are a die hard gel fan – wear SPF 30 or higher on your hands before you get pampered.

Overall, it seems the exposure from the UV lights is minimal. My real concern lays with the actual gel and nail polishes we use from brands like O.P.I and others. It can’t be a good sign that the fumes give me headaches. Nail polish research to come on day 14 of my #Organic30day challenge.

Tell next time!


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