[Patricia] Day 11: Most natural brand at Sephora: Tarte

Jul 20, 2013

Ecopique - TarteI’ve been on a BB kick since the implosion of BB creams hit the US market. It’s a great all in one mixture of moisturizer, sunscreen, and cover up for your face. I was using Too Faced BB cream for a few months, but when I ran out I was in search of an organic replacement. I went to Sephora and perused the aisles until I stopped at the Tarte display.

The display was pretty and purple, but more importantly printed in big bold letters stated:

ALWAYS FORMULATED WITHOUT: parabens – mineral oil – phthalates – triclosan – sodium lauryl sulfate – gluten.

I also loved their tagline: tarte Рhigh performance naturals. I have to admit I am a sucker for marketing tactics and Tarte seemed to be the most natural brand in Sephora. I decided to give it a shot and purchase the Tarte tinted BB cream. After using it everyday for the last month, here are my initial thoughts:

Pros: VERY light weight. The texture is matte and not shiny (in comparison to the Too Faced BB cream). The cream goes on your skin extremely smooth and absorbs quickly. There’s no wait time to add bronzer and blush.

Cons: I couldn’t find a tone that was perfect with my skin. I noticed that there wasn’t an asian model on the sites homepage, so I wonder if they’ve tested the tones on asian skin before. Perhaps it’s just a coincidence and it’s just me. Also, because it’s a light weight cream the coverage isn’t as great as the other BB creams I’ve tested. My sun spots do get covered up, but not to the extent I’d like it too.

Overall – The benefits of Tarte being the more natural BB cream choice outweighs the cons, so I’ll be sticking to this product for now.

Next up is the Tarte Liquid Eyeliner. I’ll let you know how that goes soon!

Till tomorrow,


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Must Have Boxes
July 20, 2013 8:54 am

I love tarte products!

– KW

We do too !! Loved the link you left. Is that your service? The boxes look great. Something we should check out.

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