[Patricia] Day 10: Organic laundry detergent. Yes it works!

Jul 19, 2013

ecopique - ecos lemongrass detergent In my recent subscription box from Conscious Box, I received a sample of Ecos All Natural Laundry Detergent One of the biggest advantages I’ve experienced through subscribing to sample boxes is that it forces me to re think the safety of products that I don’t typically associate with being harmful. I’ve been so dedicated to ensuring my beauty products were organic, but sometimes forget that products like detergent need to be considered.

It may sound obvious, but detergent touches our body more then other cleaning products. Why? Because the clothes we wear rub against our skin all day and everyday. Hmmmm. So what’s found in several detergents out there? Typically  surfactants, but they’re disguised with various names. Per the American Cancer Society, when surfactants are used a chemical called benzene is released which can cause everything ranging from allergies to cancerBig downer.

On the bright side, there’s several benefits to switching to organic laundry detergent. Mainly the absence of several harsh chemicals, but  it’s also much better for the environment. If you’re willing to take the organic detergent plunge, I recommend giving Ecos detergent a try. I used my 4 fl. oz sample on 1 large load of laundry. Overall, my clothes smelled decent, felt pretty clean and common stains came off easily. My only complaint was that my clothes didn’t have the same “clean” perfume -like smell I’m used to. Perhaps that a good thing! Who needs to inhale synthetic fragrances anyway?


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