[Patricia] Day 2: Mascara irritate your eyes?

Jul 10, 2013

Day 2 of my #Organic30day challenge is here!  I’m pretty excited about this new natural mascara I discover from the subscription box service Conscious Box.

Ecopique - Suncoat Mascara

Ecopique – Suncoat Mascara

I absolutely love the way mascara looks on women. Mascara can give our eyes an entirely different look depending how you apply it, which brand and how many coats. Sadly, I have extremely sensitive eyes. 30 minutes after application my eyes look bloodshot, they water and the mascara smudges giving me an extremely non sexy black eye.  After doing more research on popular mascara brands, I realized the culprit was an ingredient called thimerosal.

It’s a mercury based preservative still used today in many mascara brands. The most well known side effects are conjunctivitis and eyelid dermatitis – RASH. Lesser known side effects are neurological symptoms in adults and it can slow brain development in small children and fetuses.

Recently, I discovered Suncoat Mascara.  Suncoat’s tagline is “innovating for your natural beauty since 2001”. They produce a variety of beauty products such as nail polish, eyeliner, lipstick… you name it. Considering how much I love the look of mascara, I wanted to test out and see if Suncoat’s natural ingredients would lessen my eye irritation. No thimerosal present! Their website also states “free of PVP (polyvinyl pyrrolidone polymer), acrylic copolymer, VA (vinyl acetate) polymer. Free of fragrance, paraben, alcohol and glycol. Kind to sensitive eyes. Naturally builds lash volume and length. Biodegradable ingredients. Vegan.”

Surprisingly, when I first applied the mascara on my lashes, the texture felt extremely thick. I assumed for being produced by a natural product line the texture wouldn’t hold up like some of the other commercial drugstore brands. The wand was easy to use and the mascara went on smoothly. I did have to apply two coats in order to smooth it out and make sure I had full coverage. The cherry on top was that my lashes stayed curled after the multiple coats (which never happens). I held my breath for a bit waiting to see if my eyes would sting, but they were perfectly fine! I went the entire day without my eyes turning red or itchy, it even lasted through my yoga class. I’ve been using it now for 2 weeks everyday and will definitely continue to use it.

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