[Patricia] Day 1: Your Skin Is Your Organ. Feed It Well.

Jul 08, 2013

Ready set go! Time to roll up my sleeves and get organified (is that a word? if not – now it is!). Exploring the wonderful world of organics has been a passion of mine, so I’m excited to pick up the pace and ramp up my exploration with our “Organic 30 Day Challenge”. Cheers to Day 1!

Trader Joe's Lavender Lotion

Trader Joe’s Lavender Lotion

Guess what your body’s biggest organ is?  You might be surprised that it’s your SKIN. Throughout my life I never thought of my skin as an important vital organ that I need to take care of, but finally after 3 decades I’m realizing I was terribly wrong. Your skin protects everything in your body you hold dear to you. It  keeps our bodies the right temperature and allows us to feel things.

Moisturizing your skin should be at the top of your daily check off list. Lotions help to retain water in your skin and reduces redness and flaking. In time dry skin will lead you to the big “W” many of us dislike so very much – Wrinkles.

My current new find for Day 1 is Trader Joe’s Lavender Hand & Body Lotion. Their lavender hand and body lotion is made up of many natural goodies such as sunflower, lemon, lavender, and oat-derived beta glucan. I’ve been testing it out for the past 2 weeks and have been impressed so far with the texture of the lotion. It doesn’t leave an oily top layer to my skin and has kept my skin moisturized all day long. The lavender fragrance is a plus, but it is not overwhelming and is only really present during application. Best place to purchase is at your nearest Trader Joe’s vs. a third party online dealer. It’s an average $9.00 vs. $13.00 difference.

If you’ve had a chance to try it out, I’d love to hear your feedback. Knowledge is power.

Till tomorrow,

Patricia #Organic30Day

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