[Quyen] Day 1: Organic or Bust

Jul 09, 2013

Here we are: Day 1. My friend and I have been talking about how we can more practically make a difference in this world in our daily lives. Whether you agree that global warming is real or not, changes in our global environment are definitely happening. “How can we play our part?” is the question for these 30 days.

As a girl, I have my fair share of beauty products. I don’t know how they were made, nor did I ever really bother to ask. I just wanted to find ones that worked. That alone took some time (years and years, in fact). I would sometimes pay a little extra if I knew that it would be effective. Is it possible to find (or more hopefully, discover) alternatives that could be as effective and lend a nod to Mother Nature too?

This then is the 30 day challenge: Become Organic or Bust. I’ve heard a lot in the food space, and some in beauty products. What exactly makes something “certified organic”? What’s the difference between natural and organic? Does organic apply to food and natural to products? Does it really help? Can I really find all organic products? What about the ones I’m currently using that I just bought? These are the questions, and here is the space. I’ll try to look at companies and sites that sell said products, reviews, and some of the more science-y stuff behind it all. If you’ve already gone organic or are trying to figure it out too, would love to get your thoughts along the way. Steady as she goes!

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